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The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry is the Academy of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) and is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of clinical laboratory medicine through research, education, and professional development. The Academy is a leading advocate for scholarship through scientific research and it conducts educational programs to promote scientific discovery, application, and integration. It publishes Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (LMPG) for the application of clinical biochemistry to medical diagnosis and therapy.

Published Thyroid LMPG - Now Online!
Laboratory Support for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Thyroid Disease

Published Hepatic Injury LMPG - Now Online!
Laboratory Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis, and Monitoring of Hepatic Injury
Now available in word and PDF Formats

Published Cardiac LMPG - Now Online!
Recommendations For The Use Of Cardiac Markers In Coronary Artery Diseases
Now Available in Word and PDF Formats

Identification and characterization by LC-UV-MS/MS of melanotan II skin-tanning products sold on the Internet
We can now use new methods to develop, validate and determine the identity, contents, and purity of samples of melanotan II peptide, a synthetic melanocortin receptor agonist, sold in vials as injectable skin-tanning products that were purchased from three online shops. Methods were based on liquid chromatography with ultra-violet detection (LC-UV) at wavelength 218 nm, and tandem mass spectrometric detection (MS/MS) after collision-induced fragmentation of the double charged [M+2H](2+) precursor ion (m/z 513). The Identification of melanotan II was verified by correct chromatographic retention time, and relative abundance ratios of 5 qualifying fragment ions. LC-UV was used to quantify melanotan II as well as impurities. Method validation was performed with reference to guidelines for assessing active substances in authorized medicinal products to reach acceptable accuracy and precision. Each shop claims vials contain 10 mg melanotan II. A broad range of peptide drugs used for enhancement purposes can be obtained from the illicit online market and numerous websites, we have also seen a climb in websites selling selective androgen receptor modulators which are research chemicals based on steroid and performance enhancing drugs one in particular is www.sarms.co.uk. However, users of these research products may be exposed to a range of potential harms, as shown in this study, given that these products are manufactured, distributed and supplied from an illicit market..Biochemical understanding of the cortisol and norepinephrine pathway is vital for delivery Patient Specific Disorder (PSD) for ailments affecting a particular subsection of the population. In genetically modified mice with knock-outs for the protein synthesis responsible for norepinephrine degradation; an opposing compound (Zopiclone) is intravenously administered in vivo to induce the production of GABA and suppress this pathway. The resulting of this study help in the understanding of the sleep response in genetic variants and enzyme deficient mammals. In conjunction to this trial and opposing methodology is conducting, involving the GABA suppressing compound (Armodafinil), administered with an intramuscular injection GABA knock-out mice, in vivo. The results of these two opposing studies are externally peer reviewed to obtain the data necessary for human medical application with Narcolepsy treatments.