Laboratory and the Electronic Medical Record –
Issues and Opportunities
Symposium Planning, Issues, and Discussion



Day 1
The Evolving Landscape- Aggregation of the Laboratory into the Electronic Medical Record.

Presentations for Day 1
Keynote Address: The Electron Medical Record: what the future should bring
Emery Stephans. (Enterprise Analysis Systems)

Session A 08:30-10:00

"Nuts and Bolts of the EMR"

-Current Boundaries and Fragmented Components of the EMR

-Business versus Clinical Decision Support

-How Users Should Be Involved in Integrating the LIS into the EMR.

-"Best of Breed" Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology Diversity in the EMR

1000-1030 Break and Posters

1030-1100 Invited presentations from attendees

1100-1200 Open Panel Discussion

1200-1315 Lunch

Session B 13:15-14:30

Legal and regulatory Aspects of the EMR

-Legal issues and the EMR.

-HIPA and consumer rights

-responsibility and management of the EMR

-Will There be a National Clinical Repository for EMRs?

1430-1515 Break & Posters

1515-1545 Invited presentations from attendees

1615-1700 Open Panel Discussion


Day Two
Successful Models for Connecting Lab to the EMR: Now and the Future

Prentations for Day 2
Session C 8:00-9:30

"Connectivity Experiences – The Web, Wireless, and Beyond"

- Wireless Technology – Capabilities and Expense.

- Web-based, "groupware" and the Provider Customer.

- Integrating Healthcare Systems – Standardization’s Ultimate Goal.

- POCT Connectivity Industrial Consortium – Will industrial "competition" screate an open standard?

- Client Service Systems

9:30-10:00 Break and posters

10:00-10:30 Invited presentations from attendees

10:30-11:45 Open Panel Discussion

11:45-1300 Lunch

Session D 1300-1415

"Visionaries on the Road to Success"

    • A Doctor’s Clinical Information System
    • Clinical Information - Market the Success!
    • A Community’s Electronic Health Record – The Helena Vision
    • An Integrated Enterprise at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

1415-1500 Open Panel Discussion



1515-1600 Summary