"Advancing Scholarship in Laboratory Medicine"
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  Meetings at AACC 2001 Annual Meeting - July 29 - August 2
Chicago, IL

Public Presentation and Discussion of the Draft Update Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Laboratory Support for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Thyroid Disease
Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, Chicago Hilton
Session Chair: D. Robert Dufour, M.D., FACB, Chair of NACB Education and Scientific Affairs Committee.
Guidelines Presented by: Carole A. Spencer, Ph.D., FACB and Laurence M. Demers, Ph.D., FACB, Co-Editors of the Thyroid LMPG Update.
Refreshments will be provided.

August 1 & 2, 2001, McCormick Place

"Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Recommendations for the Use of Laboratory Tests to Support the Impaired and Overdosed Patient in the Emergency Department."  Alan Wu, Ph.D., Chairman - Hartford Hospital

The title above links to the current draft document, which will be discussed at the EduTrak.  Please review it and send any comments to Alan Wu, Ph.D. or come to the EduTrak and voice your suggestions.

Session I: Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Recommendations for Drug Testing to Support Emergency Department Toxicology
10:30-11:15 AM   Presentation of recommendations, McKay
11:15-12:00 AM   Discussion, Wax, Otten, Hoffman, Wu

Session II: Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Recommendations on Analytical and Reporting Issues for Drugs of Abuse Testing
2:45-3:20 PM  Presentation of recommendation, Wu
3:20-4:10 PM  Discussion, Moyer, Kwong, Brossard, Welch

Recommendations for Breath Alcohol Analysis
4:10-4:30 PM  Presentation of recommendations, Kwong
4:30-5:00PM   Discussion, Wu, Welch, Hoffman

Session III: Thursday, August 2, 2001
Recommendations for Testing of Serum Ethyl Alcohol and Other Volatiles
10:30-11:15 AM   Presentation of Recommendations, Hoffman
11:15-12:00 AM   Discussion, McKay Wax, Kwong

Session IV: Thursday, August 2, 2001
Reommendations of Laboratory Assays for Substance Abuse and Exposure
2:45-3:15 PM   Presentation of Recommendations, Moyer/Broussard
3:15-5:00   Discussion, McKay, Wax, Otten, Welch

NACB Awards Luncheon and Membership Meeting 
Wednesday, August 1, 12:30-2:15 pm, Chicago Hilton

NACB Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, July 30, 1:30-3:00 pm, Chicago Hilton