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NACB Annual Awards - Nominations Due December 13, annually.

Nominations for the annual awards of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry are now being solicited. The deadline for receipt of nominations is December 13, annually. Nominations may be submitted in writing by mail to:

Elizabeth Frank, PhD, FACB
Medical Directors Area
ARUP Laboratories/Univ. of Utah
500 Chipeta Way
Salt Lake City, UT84108-1221
801-583-2787 2087

NACBís Annual Awards are:

Professor Alvin Dubin Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession and the Academy (sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics). This award consists of a plaque and a $2000 honorarium. The award is named in honor of the late Academy member who contributed significantly to the development of NACB and served as President in 1983-84. The award recognizes a current or past member of the Academy who has made noteworthy advances enhancing the mission and stature of NACB. The nomination should include a letter of nomination, three letters of reference, and a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

NACB Distinguished Scientist Award (sponsored by Dade Behring, Inc.) This award consists of a plaque and a $2000 honorarium. The award recognizes outstanding research advances in the field of clinical biochemistry. The recipient will have made a significant contribution to the knowledge of biochemistry of disease or to discoveries of fundamental importance to the use of clinical chemistry techniques, instrumentation, or in the application of the principles of clinical biochemistry. The nomination should include a letter of nomination, five copies each of the nominee's ten most important research papers, and a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

George Grannis Award for Excellence in Research and Scientific Publication. This award consists of a plaque and a $1000 honorarium. All current and past students in undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral clinical chemistry training programs who were enrolled sometime during the three-year period prior to the year of the award will be considered candidates for this award. The student must have published a paper indexed in Index Medicus during this same time period. Names of students from ComACC-accredited programs may be submitted by the program director. Names of students from non-ComACC-accredited programs may be submitted by their mentors. ComACC will make nominations to the NACB Awards Committee based on a review of published papers. The NACB Awards Committee will select the awardee based on the most outstanding published scientific paper.

Names of students being nominated for the Grannis Award should be submitted to ComACC President Dr. Roland Valdes via email or to the NACB Awards Chair by December 13 of the year prior to the award presentation.