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The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
Former Officers

    Former Officers of the NACB
Terms of ServicePresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1976-77*Morton B. Epstein
1977-78George F. GrannisJohn F. KachmarMargorie A. Bewster
1978-79W. Stephen MatthewsJohn F. KachmarMargorie A. Bewster
1979-80Arthur L. LevyLaurence M. DemersJohn A. Lott
1980-81Marge A. BrewsterLaurence M. DemersRichard H. Gadsden
1981-82John A. LottOtto E. Lobstein
1982-83Herbert E. SpiegelOtto E. LobsteinLester W. Wells
1983-84Alvin DubinTimothy CaragherLester W. Wells
1984-85Laurence M. DemersOtto E.LobsteinLester W. Wells
1985-86Basil T. DoumasOtto E.LobsteinLester W. Wells
1986-87*John E. SherwinHoward H. Sky-peckMyron M. Warshaw
1987-88John E. SherwinHoward H. Sky-peckMyron M. Warshaw
1988-89Steven J. SoldinOtto E. LobsteinMyron M. Warshaw
1989-90Steven J. SoldinOtto E. LobsteinMarc R. Walter
1990-91Lester W. WellsDonald R. ParkerMarc R. Walter
1991-92Lester W. WellsDonald R. ParkerKaiser J. Aziz
1992-93David C. HohnadelRobert L. MurrayKaiser J. Aziz
1993-94David C. HohnadelRobert L. MurrayIngo S. Kampa
1994-95**Lawrence A. KaplanCharles D. HawkerIngo S. Kampa
1996Lawrence A. KaplanCharles D. HawkerBette Seamonds
1997Myron M. WarshawCharles D. HawkerBette Seamonds
1998Myron M. WarshawCharles D. HawkerBette Seamonds
1999Roland Valdes, Jr.Barbara M. GoldsmithBette Seamonds
2000***Roland Valdes, Jr.Barbara M. GoldsmithMichael Lehrer
2001Charles D. HawkerDavid D. KochMichael Lehrer
2002Charles D. HawkerDavid D. KochMichael Lehrer
2003K. Michael ParkerDavid D. KochRobert M. White, Sr.
2004D. Robert DufourCatherine Hammett-StablerRobert M. White, Sr.

* In the founding year of 1976-77 Dr. Morton Epstein served as the Chair of the Organizing Committee and thus in the capacity of President of the new Academy. During that first year Bylaws were adopted and the first formal election of officers was held with Dr. George Grannis being elected President for 1977-78. Dr. Grannis was thus the first elected President of NACB. In 1977-78 Dr. Epstein then served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position that no longer exists, the Bylaws having been modified in 1986 to always consider the immediate Past President as an officer and, along with the other officers, as a member of the Board of Directors. The same 1986 Bylaws revisions changed the terms of service for President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer to two years each with the elections for the latter two officers in alternate years and also stipulated that the President would serve as Chair of the Board of Directors beginning with the 1988-89 year.

** From its founding in 1976 through 1994, the Academy's operating year and fiscal year started July 1 and ended June 30 of the next year. These were also the dates on which officers and members of the Board of Directors took office or their terms of service ended. In 1994 the Board of Directors and members of the Academy approved a Bylaws change to change the fiscal and operating years to align with calendar years. All officers and Board members serving in 1994-95 thus had their term of office extended 6 months. The terms that were to have ended June 30, 1995 did not end until December 31, 1995. Since 1996 all terms of service have run from January through December.

*** In 1999 the Board of Directors and members of the Academy approved a Bylaws change, which decreased the term of service of President, President Elect and Past President to one year each and increased the terms of Secretary and Treasurer to three years each. Charles Hawker was the last two-year President and Michael Lehrer and David Koch the first three-year Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

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